Climax Recruitment strives in providing professional recruitment solutions in the Middle East from its bustling heart, Cairo, Egypt.  With distinct recruitment units within the firm, specialised services are offered within the fields of healthcare, construction and contracting, industrial engineering, energy and utilities, chemicals, automotive, FMCG, banking as well as hospitality services.

Founded in 2004, Climax established the goodwill and trust expected from us by emphasising true talents, which add value to an organisation and mutually fulfil their deserved career prospects. While size matters, our small structure allows for higher customisation and flexibility in the services offered, as we aspire to meet the precise requirements of both organisations and professionals.

 Whether one is looking to hire or find a job, our teams have full understanding of the market, culture and geography of the Arabian Peninsula as half our workforce previously worked in different industries within the region. Thus, we are confident that your local or overseas recruitment process will be handled up to your standards, and talent will find its righteous home.

Our Approach



Business Values

There are above 1000 recruitment agencies in Egypt, but only a handful that actually understand the meaning of good recruitment.  

We have learned to listen to both the client’s and candidate’s needs since their mutual satisfaction reflects our success.  With listening must come responsiveness as we realise the importance of getting an answer when you need it.  Our teams are committed to reply to any email within 30 minutes.

We also put high emphasis on understanding and studying the work requirements of any position, from industry specific qualifications to particular skill sets, allowing us to excel in our search and selection.  

To back our professional approach, we are knowledgeable and our teams place pride in their field specific competency.

Above all, we are honest to our clients and candidates as well as to ourselves.  We only consider jobs that provide added value since this is what has developed our reputation and truly set us apart from the day we began.  

The Quality Ratio

At Climax we don’t like to waste time, and are well aware that this is specifically and predominantly why you are delegating your recruitment process to us.  That is why you will find that at least one out of three CVs you receive from us will be a winner.  This 3:1 ratio is representative of the efficiency and focus we aspire to applying in your business.  To date, we have never needed to replace a candidate for reasons of incompetence.


Reporting and Insight

As part of our service, we offer weekly recruitment status reports (RSR) to keep you in track of every step until the candidate is on board. It doesn’t stop at recruitment; if you need insights into your industry’s salary and benefit scales to make sure you are attracting top talent, we are here to help.

We can offer basic industry based consultations of best practise guidelines for a fraction of the cost.

Mission Statement


We give attention to offering a value added service.  Being the link between professionals and organisations means that we must find the most fitted match for both sides. 

Satisfied clients provide growth prospects and define our success while pleased candidates broaden our sourcing network bringing higher calibres to our table.


Quality, respect and confidentiality are at the core of our business as they sustain the customer satisfaction and long lasting loyalty. 

We even invest in our relationships as a statement to their value.


For our business to produce the results we expect, our team must competent in understanding human resource management in theoretical and practical terms.  As well as industry specific needs and targets.

Our record of accomplishments confidently emphasises such competence.


In an evolving job market, sustaining growth can only be achieved through adapting to its needs and thinking of creative solutions to challenge our difficulties.

We promise to provide novel techniques and solutions to the HR industry through prolonged analysis and executive visions.